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July 6th - Stock "Ideas" Playbook Update 
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Added AAPL on July 9th @ 119.98  -  Bounced off of 200 day MA and is Totally oversold 

Added 2 semiconductor names On July 6th -  NXPI @ $97.52   & QRVO @  $80.42  Goal on both is 15- 20% upside from these levels 

Took defensive action amidst the market sell off - Sold calls On NXPI AUG 100 @ $2.55 and QRVO Aug 85 @ $2.00 

Took profits on CELG - July 16 @ 134.80  a 22% gain since May 2. 

Added WCIC @ $23.02 - July 17th - A play on Housing 

The 2015 "Stock Ideas" Playbook is dynamically updated during the trading day.
What you will find here

All trades in ALL portfolios are documented with dated, time stamped links . It's that simple. The ideas are presented for review and each individual make decisions based on their own personal situation to conclude what may or may not be suitable. I also strongly suggest that each conduct their own due diligence on any idea that is presented. 

What you won't find here 

I wont Insult investors intelligence with ambiguous commentary like "I bought some of this", "I hold other smaller positions ", I sold XYZ for a 300% gain with no details being provided.  Posting a "made up " table of positions in a blog with no links to show the "history" of such is worthless. 

Its also disingenuous to pick out the biggest mover of the day, then claim a position in it long or short and tout the above average results achieved.  I have seen my fair share of that type of worthless information presented and it's of no use to anyone but the person presenting it. 
AS of July 3rd, the portfolio which has been assembled this year, is returning 2.2%. More importantly the Gain on the closed positions is 8.8% 

Links to the Blog Posts highlighting each stock selection with Date, time, price.

"2 Stocks added for 2015 "                   Feb 7                      Feb 28              March 14

April 25                                               May 2                     May 12th           May 15th

May 18th        May 29th (HAR)        June 4th ( CAVM)    June 9th  (KSU)

June 11th (AAP)

“The stock market is the only place I know that when things go on sale, no one shows up. Pick your "spots" ,
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